Bay Port Fish Company

Where the fish caught the man

Fresh Fish

Fresh flopping fish arrives daily in Bay Port by boat and truck.
Get your fish direct from your local fishermen for the BEST quality!
Call for availability on species available fresh.

Whitefish in the Net
Whitefish in the net.
Fresh Whitefish ready for Processing
Fresh Whitefish ready for processing.
  • Lake Whitefish Round, Dressed, or Filleted
    (Pictured Above)
  • Lake Yellow Perch Filleted
  • Catfish Round, Dressed, Steaked, or Filleted
  • Lake Walleye Filleted
  • Lake Trout Filleted
  • Chinook Salmon Filleted
  • Atlantic Salmon Filleted
  • Lake Herring Filleted
  • Steelhead Trout Filleted
  • White Bass Filleted
  • White Perch Filleted
  • Mullet Round, Dressed, or Filleted
  • Smelt (Seasonal)
  • Burbot or Freshwater Cod, Round, Dressed, or Fillet

Bay Port Fish catch in bold, Round means the whole fresh fish. All species are wild caught except the Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Trout.

Fresh Yellow Perch
Fresh Yellow Perch.
Fresh Salmon
Fresh Salmon.
Fresh filleted Lake Trout
Fresh filleted Lake Trout.